Stephen Douglas Wolfe

After Dark Presents

Stephen Douglas Wolfe

Thom Hoskins, Taryn Suprenant, Trevor Grant, Amanda Rogers

Sat ยท June 23, 2018

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 6:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

Stephen Douglas Wolfe
Stephen Douglas Wolfe
A product of the Lawrence, KS music scene of the early 2000's, Stephen spent two years on the road with his band Getaway Driver while he worked to find his own personal voice in between tours, local shows, and EP releases. Following the dissolution of Getaway Driver, he was coerced by his good friend, Nathan Harold, to give that voice a platform and begin to play solo shows in and around Lawrence. Tapping into the influences of some of his own musical idols, from George Harrison, Bob Dylan, and Elliott Smith to local heroes Danny Pound and Andrew Connor, Stephen built a repertoire of material and frequented the dimly lit bars and venues of Massachusetts Street. After an all-night, Thanksgiving Eve session at the Black Lodge at the behest of his friend, Nick Day, and involving Jake Cardwell, Nathan Harold, and Sara MacManus, plans were put into action to record what would wind up as the debut offering from Cavaliers. The resulting album "Except for the Birds" is more of an anthology than a moment in time, as it combines songs that were written during Wolfe's days with Getaway Driver with more recent material that came about leading up to and even during the album sessions. Wolfe's goal at the outset was to involve many people from the scene that he admired on the album and in doing so he assembled an impressive roster of players from acts such as The Get Up Kids, Kelpie, Ghosty, The Roseline, and more. In recent years, Wolfe took some time to rethink his approach to songwriting and began tapping into much more personal and reflective themes than the allegorical and fictional approach of his past work. Now living in Syracuse with his wife, Catherine, Wolfe is working to release some of his most intimate music to date, beginning with the forthcoming single, "We'll Live."
Venue Information:
Spark Art Space
1009 E Fayette St
Syracuse, NY, 13210