After Dark Presents

Wizard Fest

Sunday Sep 26

Mohawk Place47 E Mohawk St. Buffalo, NY 14203

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18+ Admitted with ID


On 9/26/21, Mohawk Place in downtown Buffalo will be hosting a Costume Contest with a Triwizard Tournament that includes Trivia, Quidditch & a Scavenger Hunt! There will also be Vendors, Performers and miscellaneous entertainment throughout the event along with themed cocktails and more!

Early bird ticket packages include cheap tickets with T-Shirt and wand upgrades in your house colors + a Wizard Cup with wizard themed goodies inside!

Unsure of which house you belong to? Take the quiz @ . If you’re not participating in the costume contest, simply dress in your house colors!

Get ready for a magical night with optional activities along with wizard themed vendors, Cosplay, decorations, themed drinks like fire-whiskey, potent potions and buttery brews flowing throughout the night!

Strictly no admittance of any owls OR cats OR toads. You may not be a wizard, but this year you’ll be able to party like one!